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15 December 2023
‘Inside The Deal’ Venturing into the Future: Technology, Innovation and A Greener Economy
In this episode as we speak with Nick Allen, Managing Partner, Savant, a trailblazing venture capital firm, and explore their recent investments in cutting-edge sectors.
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13 December 2023
Underserved Founders: Who, Why & How, and the Cost of Missed Opportunities
AVCA speaks with Geraldine Mupandanyama, Founder & Managing Partner, Darena Ventures to discuss their strategy as an ‘impact-focused’ fund, and the importance of investing in underserved founders, including women and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities; diving into the 'Who?', 'Why?' and 'How?', and the consequences of inaction.
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3 October 2023
Clearing the Air: Misconceptions of Investing in Climate Tech
In this interview we speak with Geraldine Mupandanyama, Founder & Managing Partner, Darena Ventures, to uncover the definition of climate tech and the prevalent misconceptions surrounding climate investment, offering clarity on how these misunderstandings can influence investment decisions and potentially hinder the sector’s growth.
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28 September 2023
Solving the Significant Funding Gap for Venture Capital with Launch Africa
AVCA speaks with Zachariah George, Managing Partner and Janade Du Plessis, Managing Partner at Launch Africa Ventures about their experience in the market and solving the significant funding gap for venture capital in Africa.
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28 February 2023
Axis Fiduciary Ltd with Mr. Jean Claude Permal & Mr. Sayyad Khayrattee
AVCA speaks with Axis Fiduciary Ltd, about impact investment solutions, the opportunities in Mauritius since being removed from the FATF Grey List
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24 January 2023
Beyond Numbers: Clearing the Path to Prosperity Whilst Fundraising
Despite encountering significant challenges in fundraising, two large funds accounted for half of the total capital raised in Q1 2023. Among these funds was the Convergence Partners Digital Infrastructure Fund, attracting a notable $296 million. In this interview, Yolande Tabo and Idan Segal have joined us to delve deeper into the fund’s success.