Member Interviews
1 October 2019
VFD Group Plc with Adeniyi Adenubi & Gbenga Omolokun
AVCA speaks with Adeniyi Adenubi, Executive Director – Institutional Business and Investor Relations and Gbenga Omolokun, Chief Operating Officer at VFD Group Plc on the realities of value creation within Nigeria’s informal finanical sector, their recent exit from Germaine Auto Center and their future hopes for the expansion of the Group.
Member Interviews
1 July 2019
Oasis Capital Ghana with Matthew Boadu Adeji
AVCA speaks to Matthew Boadu Adjei, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Capital Ghana on the importance of Africa’s SME market, their capital raising experience and hopes for the future.
Member Interviews
1 June 2019
Rogers Capital with Roshan Nathoo
AVCA speaks to Roshan Nathoo, Managing Director at Rogers Capital Corporate Services on the future of Mauritius investment status, trends in Africa’s private investment industry and Rogers Capital’s future.
Member Interviews
20 May 2019
Executives In Africa with Richard Putley
AVCA speaks to Richard Putley, Managing Director at Executives in Africa on what it takes to succeed within the African recruitment industry, the industry challenges and his hopes for its future.
Member Interviews
1 April 2019
Templars with Chike Obianwu
AVCA speaks to Chike Obianwu, Partner of Templars about the firm’s history, new legislation moving the Nigerian private equity and venture equity ecosystem forward and their hopes for the industry.