Private Capital Regional Landscape: Southern Africa

This report marks the first in a new series examining private capital landscapes across Africa's diverse regions. Focused on Southern Africa, this premier edition coincides with AVCA’s landmark 20th Annual Private Equity Conference and Venture Capital Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Key Facts About Other Regions:

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Private Capital in Southern Africa


Volume and Value of Private Capital Deals in Southern Africa, 2012 – 2023
Southern Africa has been crucial in developing Africa's private capital landscape. In the early 1990s, the first wave of Africa-focused private equity firms began in #SouthAfrica, soon expanding continent-wide. Despite challenges like #currencyvolatility and external competition, the region has seen steady growth in private capital investments since 2016, peaking in 2022. Southern Africa remains a key player in #PrivateCapital in #Africa, capturing 26% of the continent's deal volume and US$11.7bn in investments over the past 12 years
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Southern Africa Dealmaking By Country


Southern Africa Dealmaking by Country
AVCA's Private Capital Regional Landscape: Southern Africa report gives insights into the region's dealmaking activity and recent legal and regulatory updates.
🌍 South Africa: With 633 deals since 2012, South Africa's private capital landscape has seen resilient growth, especially in #venturecapital. Despite challenges from 2016-2018, the sector rebounded strongly from 2019-2023.

🌍 Zambia: Emerging as a key player in Southern Africa, Zambia holds immense potential with its rich mineral resources and youthful population. 

🌍Mauritius: Known for its robust legal and regulatory frameworks, Mauritius is a leading financial center in Africa, attracting global and African investors with its sophisticated financial infrastructure and efficient banking systems.

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A Catalyst for Sustainable & Impactful Growth


🌱Sustainable & Impactful Growth: Gender Parity, Climate Action, Digital Transformation and Inclusive Development 
The Private Capital Regional Landscape: Southern Africa report by #AVCAResearch highlights key areas where private capital can drive transformative change and impactful growth, including: Gender Parity, Climate Action, Innovative Technology and Digital Transformation, and Inclusive Development. The report provides insights into investment trends and strategies, emphasising the industry's commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future for the region.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏿 Gender Parity
Women make up half of the world's population but are often underrepresented in essential sectors. Achieving gender equality is crucial for inclusive and sustainable development. The latest report by AVCA recognises the continent as a global leader in female leadership within African Venture Capital, positioning it to benefit from gender-balanced teams, enhanced decision-making, and increased investment returns.

🌡️ Climate Action
Despite contributing minimally to global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is highly vulnerable to climate change effects. Financing for climate action is crucial yet insufficient. The rise of investment opportunities in climate solutions reflects a growing awareness among regional investors.

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Fund Managers Landscape


🌍Evolution of Fund Managers Headquartered in Southern Africa: Mapping Private Capital Players
With its market maturity and dynamism, Southern Africa has undergone a remarkable transformation in its private capital landscape and become a prime destination for private capital investments - attracting investors worldwide. This evolution reflects the region's dynamic economic environment, advanced financial infrastructure, and structured regulatory and legal systems.

The region supports Africa’s private capital industry through competitive financial centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Mauritius. These cities serve as gateways for local and international investors, with their mature capital markets propelling the growth of fund managers and professional service firms. These entities are essential contributors to driving the industry's advancement:

  • Southern Africa is home to 125 fund managers, 91 of which are headquartered locally
  • South Africa alone accounts for 80% of the region's fund managers.
  • 34 foreign fund managers have offices in the region, primarily from Europe, North America and other parts of Africa
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