Impact Case Study: Nature’s Nectar

Investor Name: Altree Capital (Pty) Ltd


Investment Rationale

Investing in Nature’s Nectar was a strategic decision, rooted in its unique position as Zambia’s leading producer of the most environmentally sustainable and socially impactful honey. The company’s commitment to social responsibility, evidenced by empowering and educating female farmers towards achieving 50% representation, aligns with global initiatives for gender
equality and economic empowerment in rural communities. Furthermore, Nature’s Nectar’s innovative apiculture approach, utilising modern, longlasting beehives, enhances product quality and yield while contributing significantly to environmental conservation by preventing deforestation and protecting indigenous forests. Additionally, establishing new market
linkages with buyers in the United States and pursuing organic certification from EcoCert underscore the company’s growth potential and sustainability commitment. Overall, this investment supports a model that integrates profitability with social and environmental stewardship, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to agribusiness.

Investment Impact
Nature’s Nectar adopts an inclusive model for women beekeepers, aiming for 50% female participation. The company’s efforts also extend to increasing rural incomes and improving health and safety standards within the Zambian beekeeping community. By offering commercially designed hives known for their long-term sustainability, Nature’s Nectar contributes to reducing deforestation. The company’s initiatives are geared towards uplifting local communities, promoting self-sufficiency and positively influencing the wellbeing of residents in often overlooked areas. It also maintains a transparent supply chain with gender-wage equality across all levels.

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