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Business Model of Private Capital Funds

In this module, we examine the business model of private capital funds. We start by looking at what investing in private capital in emerging markets looks like. We then clarify the role of the fund manager and examine key characteristics of the private capital fund model. We explore venture capital ecosystems and conclude by contrasting the benefits and constraints of private capital.

Private Capital Fundamentals: Course Licence

This is the full Private Capital Fundamentals: Course Licence which consists of all modules the AVCA Academy has to offer.

Overview of Investment Funds in Africa and Other Emerging Markets

In this module, we will focus on the growth path of a typical privately-owned company and describe the different sources of funding a company might acquire as it grows and prospers. The benefits of private capital funds and other types of funds are also covered. Emerging markets is defined and the latest trends in private equity in Africa and other emerging markets are explored by visualising the latest data.

Valuations of Private Capital Portfolio Companies

This module explores the importance of valuation and details the steps of how to value assets accurately. The valuation process and procedures are described, focusing on three different valuation approaches which include the market approach, the income approach, and the cost approach. The valuation standards and principles which inform the valuation process are also discussed.

Investment Funds Structures

This module investigates common fund structures and the constitutive bodies that govern the terms of a fund. The limited partnership structure is detailed to demonstrate the roles of the general partner and the limited partner. Common fund terms are covered and their provision to provide insight into how funds may be structured based on stakeholder agreements.

Due Diligence of Funds

In this module we will learn about the due diligence of funds, starting with explaining the need for due diligence. We will then explore the key elements and processes involved in performing due diligence. We will highlight some red flags to look out for when doing due diligence on funds and conclude by providing useful due diligence tools.

Components of a Successful Fund

In this module, we will be examining the components of successful funds. We will discover what investors look for in a fund design and explore the Coherence Triangle.