Renew Capital Angels Invest in Ugandan Eyewear Company, Wazi

Kampala, Uganda, March 16, 2023 — The Renew Capital Angels have invested in Wazi Vision, a women-founded Ugandan company with a vision to change the eyewear industry in Africa. Founders Brenda Katwesigye Baganzi and Geogette Ochieng Ndabukiye launched Wazi in response to a gap in Uganda’s eyewear market. 

“Accessing high-quality eyewear in Africa is often prohibitively expensive and unattainable for the majority of the population. However, available alternatives are of subpar quality and fail to offer adequate value to customers.” Baganzi explains. 
Baganzi and Ndabukiye built Wazi to address these pain points for the African eyewear consumer.
“We provide eyewear that is both high-quality and affordable, relatively accessible for the mass market and designed to be comfortable for African faces,” Baganzi says.
Wazi glasses are made by a skilled African team who consider various facial features to ensure each pair of frames is fashionable and comfortable. Wazi also allows customers to design frames that capture their individual personality and choice of material including acetate and sustainable eco materials like cow horn, bamboo and denim.
Wazi glasses are becoming popular with the youth for their wide selection of chic styles and unique and trendy brand persona. Wazi plans to open a new store in one of the busiest suburbs in Kampala to cater to demand.
“And because making eyewear accessible to everyone is part of our mission, we also partner with corporates to give back to low-income communities,” says Ndabukiye.
With the help of an investment from the Renew Capital Angels, Wazi plans to expand its product line and enhance its distribution capacity in Kampala and beyond.
“Innovation within the eyewear sector is at a nascent stage in sub-Saharan Africa. We like the fact that Wazi is a homegrown technology-driven business looking to improve the accessibility of unique and affordable eyewear. We look forward to working with Geogette and team in creating an eyewear brand by Africans, for Africans, in Africa,” said Diana Njuguna, Renew Capital, Senior Investment Manager.