Catalyst exits 4 utility scale solar PV projects

Catalyst is proud to announce the successful sale last summer of 90% of the Catalyst MENA Clean Energy Fund (CMCF) portfolio.  The sale of 4 utility scale solar PV projects located in Jordan and Egypt were sold as a portfolio to an international strategic buyer, resulting in top quartile returns.  Catalyst’s investors are primarily EU Governments.  Catalyst has made a significant impact on the renewable energy landscape by developing some of the MENA region’s first utility scale solar PV projects, across Jordan and Egypt. 

Catalyst’s work in the MENA region has special strategic significance for Europe, in that it directly impacts energy availability to Europe and also creates jobs including for refugees thus reducing migration to neighboring European countries.

Building on this success, Catalyst is excited to announce the upcoming launch of CMCF2 in 2024, with a cap of $200 million. CMCF2 will continue to focus on renewable energy, including energy storage, and energy efficiency projects, while expanding its scope to include water treatment given the water scarcity challenges in the region.

Catalyst Investment Management looks forward to continuing its mission of creating a more sustainable future through impactful investments in the Middle East and North Africa, including becoming a 2X Flagship fund.