05 October 2023 | Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

A conference by 500 Global

The global debate about this new era of advanced technologies is heating up.
The narrative around tech in the U.S. and Europe is now focused largely on ways
to control innovation. Emerging markets, on the contrary, see technology as the
path to prosperity and economic growth. Tech companies are struggling to
navigate an asymmetrical global regulatory landscape and policymakers are
challenged to find the right balance between security, privacy, innovation, and
economic growth.

How can the global investment community, including venture capitalists, asset
allocators, private equity leaders, and large financial institutions better support
policymakers, entrepreneurs and each other in establishing a shared future for
technology and innovation?

Launching a new era of venture capital
Over the past 15 years, venture capital has become one of the more exciting,
lucrative – and stable – asset classes globally.

Now, the venture community must become more active stakeholders in the
design of public policies that shape the future of business and technology.
Who knows better the influence of technology on the world — both successes
and failures — and how to guide founders toward creating both social and
economic value.

What to Expect:

  • Join 250+ asset allocators, innovators, policymakers, and investors to shape the future of business and tech and determine what’s #UpNext
  • The agenda will focus on the intersection between technology, capital, and policy globally. Our speakers and participants will engage with data and insights from leading thinkers on the future of tech along with country-specific case studies about tech adoption.
  • UpNext will initiate a global dialogue that leads to action — one that aims to demonstrate the ways regulatory policies can influence healthy companies and healthy societies, and one that prepares investors, policymakers, asset allocators, and tech leaders for the next decade of innovation across the startup ecosystem.
  • Connect with investors & founders leading the charge across nascent, emerging,
    and developed markets.

Global Tech Thesis:

During the event, 500 Global will unveil a formative new report, Global Tech Thesis, which presents a blueprint for innovation in emerging and established markets alike — and offers new insights for governments and investors for how to build a shared future powered by technology and entrepreneurship around the world.