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The tech scene in Africa is rapidly advancing and changing at an exceptional rate. GITEX AFRICA 2024 is unveiling three new sectors aimed at propelling the advancement of various technological innovations throughout the continent: Digital HealthSmart Manufacturing, and Agritech. This highlights the increasing significance of Africa in the worldwide technology arena.

Explore the vibrant landscape of the global tech that will shape Africa’s future. Whether your goal is to display your inventive ideas, create valuable networks, engage with pioneering projects, establish your position as a thought leader, or gain industry knowledge, you'll encounter unparalleled business prospects. Enhance your brand's influence within one of the planet's most rapidly expanding tech ecosystems, spanning from Cairo to Cape Town.


Africa has undergone a transformational journey defying all global expectations. Growing at a faster rate than ever before, global organizations are delivering across the continent tech innovations engineered to solve the most complex societal challenges. From the global tech ecosystem to the bustling African tech hubs of Nairobi and Lagos to the burgeoning start-ups of Cape Town and Cairo, Africa is ripe with opportunities.

Africa’s relationship to tech is unique - while many parts of the world incrementally adopted technology, Africa's experienced exponential leaps shaking the foundations of how societies embrace tech. Africa’s mobile-first adoption of tech allowed the continent to bypass legacy systems and traditional infrastructures, and instead, made it implement innovative solutions across sectors ranging from agriculture to fintech.

The foundational future of the continent is being decided now – from investments to strategic infrastructure needs. Join the global and African governments talks to define which are the next solutions and infrastructure needed to pave the way to a futuristic hyper-connected Africa.

Seize unmatched opportunities as you invest in the future of a continent rapidly redefining its tech landscape. Access a market previously inaccessible to get new customers and showcase the most futuristic technological developments, from drone-based medical supply deliveries to AI-driven agricultural optimizations.

GITEX AFRICA is the entryway into the heart of this tech-driven metamorphosis, promising immediate ROI and unmatched economic prospects. This unifying event presents an unprecedented chance to align with policymakers, shape tech-forward governmental strategies, and play a pivotal role in the public-private partnerships propelling Africa's tech readiness.

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