AFSIC - Investing in Africa

AFSIC is the largest annual Africa investment event taking place outside the continent. Sponsored by the US, UK, German, French, and Dutch Governments and many leading African companies and investment bankers, AFSIC has become a vital conduit for investment in Africa. The event is focused on connecting attending companies seeking funding with the right African investors to secure the investment they need. If you are looking to raise funding or increase your business revenue in Africa, you can register (for free) as a member of our Africa Business Community and we can help you promote your company across Africa and globally. Companies seeking funding can also contact us to learn more about how we can help them connect with the right African investors.

Networking and focused meetings at AFSIC provide you with a unique opportunity to build a strong network of high-quality African business leaders and investors. The comprehensive program includes streamed sessions on topics such as banking, agriculture, sustainable growth, infrastructure, education, informed investing, power, and fintech, as well as focused country summits showcasing excellent investment opportunities and insights into Africa’s leading economies. AFSIC is also a one-stop location to expand your network in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, among others.

If you do business in Africa, want to learn more about the rapidly growing opportunities on the continent, meet African investors, or raise funding for an African company or fund, you should register to attend AFSIC.


London, UK


09 - 10 October 2023