Industry Quarterly Review | Q2, 2022

We are delighted to present the inaugural Industry Quarterly Review, a new data-driven publication series highlighting the key trends defining Africa’s private capital landscape. Drawing on AVCA’s latest Research, the Industry Quarterly Review is designed to demonstrate the breadth and impact of our industry with a regular roundup of the preceding quarter’s industry news, market activity and regulatory reform.

What’s Next For Private Capital in Africa?

Current global news headlines tell tales of rising inflation, whisper of an imminent global recession, and narrate the currency volatility, food security and political instability transcending borders and sending shock waves the world over. As overlapping crises ricochet throughout the international political economy, the next question for sideliners watching these unfolding events is simple: what does this mean for us? The effect of global interdependence is such that hyperinflation in the United States, containment measures in China and the RussiaUkraine war will all have effects in various African countries. How, therefore, will recent developments in the global marketplace affect private capital in Africa? The first two sections of this Review attempt to contextualise global macroeconomic indicators to the African context, drawing on intelligence from the African Private Capital Activity and the Venture Capital in Africa reports, both published in April 2022, to offer insights on the question on everyone’s minds:

What’s Next For The Industry?

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