Impact Case Study: Tessara

Investor Name: Alterra Capital Partners


Founded in 1985, Tessara operated for many years with a single flagship product, Uvasys, the world’s first laminated SO2-generating sheet designed to protect table grapes from post-harvest decay. Since partnering with the Alterra team in 2018, Tessara has broadened its horizons, expanding its innovative solutions to include additional agricultural products (e.g., berries, flowers and tomatoes). Moreover, the company has achieved a significant milestone by developing and bringing to market another recyclable product.

Alterra’s investment in Tessara was rooted in the company’s well-established brand and the high quality of its core product. Additionally, the decision to invest was also driven by clear opportunities for further investment and growth, including upgrades to the management team, research and development efforts to fuel product expansion, and opportunities for geographic expansion.