AVCA 2017 Annual Limited Partner Survey

This is the fourth edition of AVCA’s Limited Partner Survey. The report provides data on the insights, plans, preferences and expectations of 58 Limited Partners (LPs) from Africa, Europe and North America concerning African Private Equity (PE).

Key findings:

  • 88% LPs that plan to increase or maintain their allocation to PE in Africa over the next three years

  • 63% LPs that view Africa as more attractive for PE investments than other emerging and frontier markets over the next ten years

  • 85% LPs that identify East Africa as the most attractive region for PE investment over the next three years

  • 69% LPs that view currency risk as the biggest challenge when investing in African PE

  • 73% LPs that are currently looking for co-investment options

  • 82% LPs that regard GPs’ investment track record as the most important factor in evaluating African PE firms

  • 73% LPs that would consider investing in an African GP’s first fund

  • 64% LPs that view the fundraising environment as the greatest challenge facing GPs in Africa over the next three years