AVCA Limited Partner Survey

The third edition of its Limited Partner Survey provides insights into the views, plans and expectations of a diverse range of LPs from across the globe.

Key findings:

  • 50% of LPs plan to increase their allocation to PE in Africa over the next three years

  • 50%of LPs view Africa as more attractive for PE investment than other emerging and frontier markets

  • 76% of LPs view Consumer Goods as the most attractive sector for investment over the next two years

  • 70% of LPs identify West Africa as the most attractive region for PE investment over the next two years

  • 73% of LPs cite a GP’s track record of investment as the most significant factor in evaluating African PE firms

  • 86% of LPs prefer African GPs to have offices on the continent

  • 70% of LPs look to co-invest alongside African GPs

  • 58% of LPs cite a lack of established African GPs as a potential barrier to LP investment

  • 51% of LPs say that the performance of their African PE portfolio matched or exceeded their expectations

  • 52% of LPs expect African PE returns to exceed returns in other emerging markets

  • 52% of LPs predict Africa PE returns over the next five years will exceed 2.5x

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