Manager and Fund Selection (Investor Perspective)


Course Overview

In this module, we will be exploring how to choose a successful fund management firm and team.

We will start by discussing the expectations that investors have of fund managers and define characteristics of successful fund managers. We will then examine characteristics of a winning fund management team, including factors to look out for in a team’s track record.

We will conclude the module by analysing an example of the Africa MidCap team and see how we could apply lessons from this example in real life.


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Key Takeaways

  • Explain the need for fund due diligence.
  • Describe the key elements that need to be included in fund due diligence.
  • Analyse red flags to look out for when conducting fund due diligence.
  • Access useful due diligence tools.

Meet the facilitators

Hany Assaad
Hany Assaad

Co-founder and Chief Portfolio and Risk Officer

Avanz Capital

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