Managing Director, Riparian Farming Limited
Job Family: Business Development
Reports To: Board of Directors
Supervise: Senior Management
Department: Executive Office

Job Summary
The Position Holder is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by collaborating with the Board of Directors, the Executive Management of RFL, the MD ARM Agriculture Fund and all other Fund SPV’s and Support Units to convert the Fund’s Strategic Plan, Vision and Mission into a commercially successful reality as well as establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

Key Responsibilities
▪ Managing Corporate Performance: Responsible for managing corporate-level performance of the business on key parameters such as corporate profitability, deposit base, new customer acquisition etc.
▪ Stakeholder Engagement: Responsible for the proactive, and continuous engagement of relevant internal and external Stakeholders (Board, Regulatory Bodies, Management Team, Local Community etc.) concerned, or affected by the organization’s activities, products or services, and associated performance, with the end purpose of eliciting their support and cooperation for the organization’s desired goals.
▪ Risk Management: Collaborate with the Board of Directors to fully understand and assess the organization’s risk environment, especially in respect to its complexity, and systemic implications for the firm’s business, drive the implementation of best-fit enterprise-wide risk management practices, and assesses the performance of deployed risk management measures.
▪ Business Strategy: Collaborate with the Board of Directors to craft the organization’s long-term strategy in line with environmental imperatives, drive the communication and cascade of the defined strategy for the business strategy across both the group’s portfolio businesses, and shared services departments, and provide leadership on the strategy’s implementation.
▪ General Management: Ensure the financial and overall general administration of RFL and all related issues are in line with properly communicated ARM norms and procedures at all times.
▪ Strategic Initiatives: Responsible for driving the implementation of strategic initiatives that sustain / improve the organization’s competitive advantage within its operating environment.
▪ People Management: Responsible for driving and sustaining strategic people management practices that support the organization’s ability to achieve its corporate objectives through optimal talent resourcing, employee engagement, talent management, and people development.

Competencies, Skills & Abilities
Achievement (BHR - Level 4/4)
Analytical Thinking (BHR - Level 4/4)
Customer Service Orientation (Level 4/4)
Entrepreneurship (BHR - Level 4/4)
Flexibility (BHR - Level 4/4)
Holding People Accountable (BHR - Level 4/4)
Intercultural Competence (BHR - Level 4/4)
Leading and Developing Others (BHR - Level 4/4)
Professional Confidence (BHR - Level 4/4) 
Relationship Building for Influence (BHR - Level 4/4) 
Self-Awareness (BHR - Level 4/4)
Team Working (BHR - Level 4/4)
Working Strategically (BHR - Level 4/4)
Communicating Effectively (Level 4/4) 

Extensive knowledge of all facets of large-scale irrigated and mechanized commercial vegetables and fruits farming, including but not limited to:
Bush clearing
Land preparation
Mechanization and diesel machinery 
Irrigated vegetable crop production
Rain-fed vegetable crop and pasture production
Vegetable processing and marketing

Qualification & Experience
Extensive experience (at least 5-7 years) and a demonstrable track record in a senior position in a similar or related business.
A good knowledge of Nigerian agriculture
Relevant experience in business management especially P&L, balance sheet, people, and strategy development
Ideally, but not essential, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Agricultural or Business Management or a related subject.
Advanced degree in Finance or Business Management (e.g. MBA, M.Sc. Finance etc.) ideally